Reasons for Choosing a Privacy Fence in Northern, VA

Homeowners in Northern, VA who install a privacy fence add value to their homes. A well-built and maintained privacy fence will increase a Northern, VA home’s resale value if and when the homeowner sells their home. Many times, a homeowner’s insurance carrier will give them a break on their insurance premiums with the added protection of a privacy fence.

A privacy fence isn’t a 100% guarantee that a passerby can’t scale over your fence, but it is a great deterrent. With a privacy fence, your chances of being robbed or something worse happening at your Northern, VA home will be significantly reduced.

Other reasons you might want to choose a privacy fence for your home in Northern, VA include—

  • Seclusion—Some family’s like to come home to a place that is secluded from the rest of the world. When they entertain, they enjoy knowing that their gathering will not disturb other neighbors or that other neighbors can’t intrude on their property and disturb their get-togethers with family and friends.
  • Safety—Homeowners with small children are reassured that they have provided their children with a safe place to play outside that is protected from strangers looking in their yard. For those homeowners who own a pool in Northern, VA, a privacy fence gives you the extra privacy from your staring neighbors or from crashers coming into your yard while you are not at home. It also provides additional safety from small children being able to enter the area around the pool without adult supervision.
  • Protection for Pets—A privacy fence for your home in Northern, VA will also provide a safe place where your small pets can get outside to roam and play and not have to worry about them going out into the street. It also protects other animals from coming into your yard and picking a fight with your pet or leaving their business droppings in your yard.
  • Weather Barrier—High winds can do a lot of damage to homes and destroy anything you have sitting outside. Having a privacy fence surrounding your property provides a protective barrier to guard against damage to your property.

If you are contemplating a new privacy fence, call the team at Carter Fence and they will sit down with you to discuss all the details from the design, choosing the right materials for your family’s particular needs, the installation process, along with giving you a written estimate for the cost of materials and installation for your new privacy fence in Northern, VA.



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