Reasons Why Homeowners in Northern, VA Build Fences

Homeowners in Northern, VA are installing more fences on their property for many different reasons. Some build fences to keep small children and animals safe. Some build fences for curb appeal, while others just enjoy knowing where their boundaries are around their property. If you are contemplating building a new fence, consider which reasons you need or want a fence to decide on the fencing style and material that will give you the features that are important to you and your family’s lifestyle.


A fence will provide your family security by preventing strangers or intruders from entering your property in Northern, VA. Children often use other landowner’s property for a short cut to get home, and some can be destructive. Maybe you planted a garden or have fruit trees in your yard and are trying to keep deer away from eating your crops.


Protecting young children and small pets is one of the most popular reasons Northern, VA homeowners build fences. It keeps them confined to an area where they can be watched easier, and they can’t get out and possibly run into the street and get hurt. You could have nearby water sources such as lakes or ponds that you are trying to protect them from falling into and possibly drowning.


Your outdoor space in Northern, VA is an extension of your indoor space, so to be able to keep your life private, a privacy fence is the way to go. A privacy fence prevents your neighbors from looking into your private space and gives you seclusion when you want to entertain outside.

Buffer Noise—

A privacy fence is also an excellent barrier to buffer road noise and loud neighbors. Most Northern, VA homeowners are looking for a little peace and quiet when they go outside their home, and the right privacy fence will allow them to block significant amounts of noise to attain a more peaceful setting.

You might be trying to hide your neighbor’s yard that is strung with children’s toys or hide your own children’s toys that have been left outside. Maybe you just want to hide your trash cans or fence them in so animals can’t get to them.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a new fence on your Northern, VA property, call the experts at Carter Fence and they can recommend the right fence for your family’s needs.

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