Reston, VA Outdoor Fencing

Every home in our area is a little bit different, just like the owners. Each home though; benefits from some common things like landscaping and an attractive fence around portions of the property. Carter Fence provides a variety of materials for Reston VA outdoor fencing. We have designed and installed fences for over thirty years and can provide a unique addition to your home as well.

Backyard fences and items like handrails are two of the more common things we install. For these and many other fences, we use natural wood; primarily pressure-treated cedar or pine. The reason is that natural wood has a feel that simply cannot be duplicated by composites or other materials. The look is difficult to copy as well, which is why homeowners still prefer natural wood for garden fences and the traditional picket fence that graces so many Virginia homes. Even pressure-treated wood still requires more annual maintenance than other options.

Composite wood lasts longer than natural with much less maintenance needed. Few of these woods approach naturals though when it comes to appearance, and many of them do not hold paint or stain as well as natural wood either. It is why Carter Fence uses Trex composites exclusively for Reston VA outdoor fencing. It is an eco-friendly product that simulates the appearance of natural wood very well and accepts paint or stains better than other composites on the market. It is very useful for pet, rail, and pasture fences.

For other alternatives, aluminum is a product growing in popularity. It resists weather damage better than iron and after we paint it black, is indistinguishable from a wrought-iron fence or gate. It is also lighter and more cost-efficient than an iron fence of the same length and design. You can see in our gallery just how good this fencing looks around many types of homes.

Another low-maintenance option is vinyl. It is very resilient and stain-resistant. Since it is easy to shape and cut, our work crews can trim individual pieces at your home to make sure everything is as you ordered for your Reston VA outdoor fencing. Because vinyl is a manufactured product, it is also more versatile to use as panels for some decks and backyard structures like gazebos.

Carter Fence does not stop at fences. We also build outdoor structures like decks. We have design experts on the payroll who can help you turn your home and backyard into the perfect place for family get-togethers and neighborhood parties when the weather is perfect, as it is so much of the year. Depending on the need for the customer, our choice is to use natural woods or Trex.

Carter Fence is a family-owned business, with three generations working to keep our neighbors looking good. For more info about what we can do for you, call our offices today at 703-255-0824. We are happy to provide a free design consultation and estimate.

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