Restoring and Fence Repairs in Leesburg, VA

Homeowners in Leesburg, VA want to be sure that their fencing always looks great and that it fulfills the function it was intended for. The best way to do that is by fence repairs and restoring your fencing. The type of fencing you have installed on your Leesburg, VA property and the condition it is in will determine what steps are necessary for fence repairs. The first step would be to take a thorough inspection of your fencing to see what fence repairs are needed or if any part of it needs to be replaced.

If you have a wooden fence, the problem areas that you should look for include—

  • Splitting wood
  • Rotten posts
  • Broken rails

If you notice that part of your fence on your property in Leesburg, VA is rotting, it is best if you remove the rotten wood and replace it. This includes the posts and rails. Digging up the posts can be time-consuming especially if the posts were set in concrete. However, to fix it correctly, and make it last, it is best to replace the posts and rails as part of your fence repairs.

Keeping your fence cleaned and repainted or restained and resealed is the lifetime of your fence in Leesburg, VA. By simply taking a thorough inspection of your fence a couple of times a year and restaining or repainting and resealing your fence, you can cut down on fence repairs in the future.

Protecting the wood is a must to keep your fence looking like new at all times. It is time-consuming but necessary; otherwise, your wood fence will deteriorate right before your eyes and be an eyesore in your community of Leesburg, VA. If you do not have the time for maintaining your fence, call the team at Carter Fence and they will be glad to help you keep your fence repairs up to date. Regular maintenance goes a long way in keeping your fence appealing on your property in Leesburg, VA.

Carter Fence can replace your fence if the fence repairs have become more than 30 percent of your existing fence. Once your fence gets in that kind of condition, it just makes good sense to tear the old down and rebuild a new fence. Once you do, Carter can set you up on a maintenance schedule so that your new fence doesn’t get in the same shape as the old on your property in Leesburg, VA.





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