Screened Porches in Alexandria VA

Screened porches are great additions to homes in Alexandria VA. They add to the living space of each home, without the mess and headache of doing internal construction.

Other bonuses of screened porches in Alexandria include:

  • Blocking the sun and adding shade
  • Keeping mosquitoes and other stinging bugs away
  • Celebrating or dining in the rain, wind, or shine
  • Protecting furniture from the elements
  • Providing a multifunctional space
  • Making a safe place for the kids and animals to play
  • Adding to the appeal of your home (that extra appeal that other homes in your neighborhood might not have)
  • Extending the time that you, your family and friends can enjoy the outdoors
  • Providing a great investment in your home, that you will reap the benefits of now and when you sell your home

Some homeowners want to add screened porches to their decks in Alexandria VA. Whether or not that can happen depends on a few things. First, your deck needs to be sound and up to code. The deck must be securely attached to your house, properly framed, have solid footings, and be in good condition (no rot).

The added weight of a screened porch will mean that your deck will probably require new footings and additional framing underneath. There needs to be room enough under the deck to make those changes.

Next, you and your builder should discuss the height of the screened porches’ roof, where it will attach to the house, and any obstructions – such as windows, vents, power lines, etc. – which will have to be moved. This is where decisions need to be made as to the style of roof you’d like; some homeowners want a simple roof – others choose the popular gable roof. Whatever design of roof you choose, it needs to match the style of your home.

You will also want to discuss if you plan on using the current door out on the deck to the screened porch, or if that is something you’d like to change.

For more information about screened porches in Alexandria VA, please contact the experts at Carter Fence. Carter Fence is a family-owned local fence contractor providing fast, friendly fence, deck, and awning services to satisfied Northern Virginia clients since 1986. During that time we have helped hundreds of customers bolster security and enhance the beauty of their homes and workplaces. Recommended by friends and neighbors for over 30 years, Carter Fence is known for getting the job done right at a good price with outstanding service.

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