Should you Hire a Fence Contractor in Springfield, VA?

Unless you are experienced in installing fences, your best bet is to hire a fence contractor to install a new fence at your home in Springfield, VA. From the design to the completed installation, a fence contractor can help guide you in all your decisions required for your new fence to be exactly what you want at your Springfield, VA home.

Questions you Might Need Answered to Make a Better Informed Decision

  • Where should I put the fence?  A good fence contractor should be able to guide you in the right direction. If you are not sure of your property lines in Springfield, VA, a survey would need to be done. Once completed, your contractor should be able to help you with the placement of the fence adjacent to your home.
  • What is a quality fence? Your Springfield, VA fence contractor should be up to date on all types of fencing materials and can suggest the best quality fencing materials for the function of your fence and stay within your budget.
  • Should you haggle over the price? Normally a fence contractor in Springfield, VA will give you his best price upfront. If he tries to undercut another contractor by lowering his price, beware that he didn’t offer you his best price on his first offer.
  • Should the final cost match the estimate? It should unless some unforeseen issue comes up. This should be brought to your attention before moving forward with the installation. Sometimes rocky soil has not been anticipated and can add to the cost in setting the posts.
  • Can the fence contractor give you an exact finish date?  He can give you an approximate finish date but sometimes due to weather, it may set him back. A good fence contractor should never put another job over yours. He should have enough help to cover his workload.

Carter Fence is a reputable fence contractor who serves the Springfield, VA area. One of their representatives can come to your home and give you an estimate on materials and labor and answer any of your questions you might have regarding your new fence installation.

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