Signs you Need Wood Fence Repairs at Your Alexandria, VA Home

Wood fences are a favorite among many Alexandria, VA homeowners. They provide privacy and a safe area for children and pets to play. Although wood fences are extremely cost-efficient in Alexandria, VA, over time wood fence repairs are necessary due to damage of weather and general deterioration with age. At times, it might be wise just to tear the old one down and replace it with a new wooden fence.

Some of the signs to look for that will help you decide rather your fence is worth saving with wood fence repairs or needs to be replaced entirely include—

  • Insect Damage can cause major structural damage to wooden fences in Alexandria, VA, but if you catch the damage soon enough, wood fence repairs can be done to save your fence. Signs of insect damage range from holes in your fence to signs of burrowing and gnawing.
  • Rot Damage can give your fence a deteriorating appearance and can compromise the structure of your fence. Wood fence repairs may consist of removing and replacing rotten sections of your fence which should prevent the rotting from spreading throughout more sections of your fence. If left go too long, the rotting may spread compromising your entire fence and then you will be looking at replacing your complete fence around your home in Alexandria, VA.
  • Sagging areas of your fence more than likely are worn from age and weather exposure. Sometimes these areas with the proper wood fence repairs can be fixed, but if it is all around your fence, replacement with a new fence might be your best option.
  • Splitting Boards can be repaired relatively easily. It is best to walk around your complete fence line at your home in Alexandria, VA to notice if other boards are splitting. These fencing boards can be individually replaced. Take special notice of your fence posts. If these are splitting, your wood fence repair may consist of bracing these wooden posts. If the damage is too severe, replacing the posts may be your only option for your wood fence repairs.

Call the experts at Carter Fence to come and give you a free estimate for any wood fence repairs you may have, or if the damage is too severe, they can give you an estimate on installing a new wooden fence on your property in Alexandria, VA.

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