Sterling, VA Outdoor Fencing

Carter Fence offers traditional wood and modern alternatives such as vinyl, aluminum, and composite wood for Sterling VA outdoor fencing. Every home in our area is different, but certain items, like an attractive fence, compliments every type of house. Our company offers an extensive inventory regarding color, size, and shape.

Traditional or natural wood is still the most popular choice for our customers. We offer a variety of woods, but pressure-treated cedar and pine are what we primarily use. One comment we hear often is that nothing else feels like natural wood when it comes to standard backyard fences, rails, and garden fences. That is true, but we also advise our customers that natural wood also requires more maintenance to include sanding to remove minor weather damage and annual reapplication of paint or stain.

A low maintenance alternative is vinyl. It is very resilient and makes an excellent choice for outdoor fencing in Sterling VA. Vinyl can be cut and shaped very easily into slats and panels for fences ranging from ten-foot privacy fences to attractive picket fences. It is also a good choice for other backyard projects like gazebos.

Aluminum fencing is also low-maintenance. It resists weather damage very well and after we apply a primer and paint to the surface, is so stain-resistant that homeowners can clean it with a garden hose and high-pressure spray head. A quick visit to our photo gallery shows just how well aluminum goes with many fence types.

Composite wood is more durable than pressure-treated natural wood. Every composite has a longer life, but very few of them can match the appearance of natural wood. That is why Carter Fence exclusively offers and installs Trex. It provides an excellent, natural wood, appearance and accepts paint or stain better than most alternatives. It is also very eco-friendly.

We do not stop at Sterling VA outdoor fencing though. For much of the year, Virginia has beautiful weather, so much of our entertaining is held outside. After we install a new fence or upgrade their old one, many of our customers decide it also time to put in a deck. Carter Fence has design experts on staff who can help you decide on the perfect compliment to your home, regardless if it is a simple entertainment patio or a second-story platform that smoothly extends the interior of your home to the outside.

Carter Fence is a leader in our industry, and our customers are what drives that. The Washington top consumer magazine has once again highly recommended our services for Sterling VA outdoor fencing, and we have just received another A+ rating from Angie’s List for eight years running. To learn more about what Carter Fence can do for your home, call us at 703-255-0824 today.

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