The Cost of a Fence Installation in Great Falls, VA

Looking into a new fence installation? If you are merely a novice handyman, you might want to consider a professional fence installation instead of taking on the task yourself, especially if you have never installed a fence before. A professional fence installation at your home in Great Falls, VA from Carter Fence will assure you high-quality materials appropriately constructed with skilled craftsmanship.

The cost of your fence installation will be determined by several features including—

  • Materials—Wood, vinyl, chain-link and wrought iron all carry different price tags.
  • Size—The size of your yard or the property that you want to surround in Great Falls, VA will increase in both the price of materials and the fence installation labor the bigger you go.
  • Terrain—If you have many obstacles such as trees, bushes, or buildings on your property in Great Falls, VA that are in the way of the fence line, usually, it will take more materials and involve extended labor hours for the fencing team depending on the fence route you take.

When deciding on the cost of fencing materials, keep in mind the future cost of maintaining your fence. Sometimes the hassle and the expense of continually having to maintain a fence can be a little overwhelming for Great Falls, VA homeowners. Different materials require different maintenance so by spending a little more on the initial cost may save you unexpected expenses down the road. One such material is vinyl.

A vinyl fence installation for your Great Falls, VA yard will cost more upfront than the cost of wood, but in the long run, you will usually break even and save yourself much grief over the normal staining or painting, power washing and repairing that comes with a natural wood fence. Most homeowners in Great Falls, VA let their wood fence go until it looks gray and moldy before doing any fence maintenance and by then, they usually run into costly repairs.

Vinyl fencing is rot resistant, and it does not fade like wood, so its color is always vibrant. Dirt from road and ground dust or mud from a hard downpour can be easily rinsed off with a garden house. Placing gravel under and on both sides of your new fence installation can eliminate hard downpours from spewing mud all over your fence at your Great Falls, VA property.

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