The Visual Interest of a Board on Board Fence in Manassas, VA

The construction of a board on board fence features three rails spanning between each standard fence posts. A picket is attached on one side of the rails, and then another picket is attached on the other side of the rails. These pickets slightly overlap to obscure the view. This alternating pattern is followed throughout the construction of a board on board fence, giving it a unique design that is visually seen on both sides, making it a visual interest to the homeowner and their neighbors in Manassas, VA.

The great craze about a board on board fence in Manassas, VA is sharing it with your neighbors. What you see is the same thing they see. The benefit is to both neighbors because if both of you invest in the same type of fence, you can share the cost. Usually, in HOA communities, there are restrictions as to the type of fence you can build. Many of these communities in Manassas, VA allow board on board fence, and if you have neighbors that want to build a fence, that is saving half the cost for each of you on the connecting sides.

Homeowners in Manassas, VA can customize their board on board fence in many different ways. You can use pickets that create a convex arch from post to post, using dog-ear pickets, or the gothic top, which resembles a rounded spearhead enhanced with gothic post caps. Some homeowners prefer their pickets to expand past the top rail; others prefer the pickets to stop at the top rail. The choices are numerous for homeowners in Manassas, VA who select a board on board fence for their properties.

Homeowners who are concerned about strength and durability often choose a board on board fence. The posts are dug deeper into the ground than other average fences. The connection design adds extra strength, and the spacing allows air to flow through so that it withstands extremely windy weather much better than a solid board fence.

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