Things That Go Wrong—Shadowbox Fence Repair in Manassas, VA

Once a shadowbox wooden fence on your property in Manassas, VA starts to look really shabby, it may be too late to invest in a shadowbox fence repair. Before it gets to this state, there are a few things that usually go wrong that can be a reasonably easy shadowbox fence repair. Some of the things that go wrong include—

Weak Fence Post—Fence posts are prone to weaken due to rot. It doesn’t matter if the posts are treated or not, if they are installed directly in the soil or a concrete footing, sooner or later, the posts will weaken. Typically a fence post will break at its greatest stress point, and when that happens, you will have sections of your fence leaning over and becoming an eyesore to your Manassas, VA neighborhood.

Sagging Fence Rails—The horizontal rails that support the pickets may start to sag over time, needing much-needed shadowbox fence repair. Sometimes this happens because the fasteners that secure the rails to the fence posts begin to loosen.

Sagging Fence Gates—If you use your gate frequently at your Manassas, VA home, you will no doubt need shadowbox gate repairs several times throughout the life of your shadow box fence. Gates tend to sag with just weather and age in Manassas, VA, and, if used quite frequently, even more so. Usually, the latch bolt and retainer will become misaligned so that the gate won’t latch anymore. Sometimes the bottom of the gate will scrape the ground, which will eventually tear up the wood on the bottom part of your gate.

These are just some of the things that go wrong with your fence in Manassas, VA that will require a shadowbox fence repair. You should periodically walk the line around your fence and check for any possible needed repairs. If you are not up for the task, call the team at Carter Fence, and they will come out to your home in Manassas, VA and give you an estimate for the needed shadowbox fence repairs.

Don’t put off a shadowbox fence repair because you can’t find the time or not sure where to start. Give Carter Fence a call and let them help.

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