Things to Consider When Installing Security Commercial Fences in Tysons Corner, VA

If you want to bump up the security for your commercial business in Tysons Corner, VA and protect your property and employees, there are certain things you need to consider when installing security commercial fences including—

Fence Material

Some business owners think privacy as security while in a sense it can be but for a commercial business in Tysons Corner, VA; however, a see-through commercial fence is better. Building a privacy fence provides an easy hiding place for burglars and should be avoided. Unless your company requires complete secrecy and you don’t want those passing by to know what is behind the fence, it is best to go with a commercial fence that offers a completely see-through view of all areas on your property in Tysons Corner, VA.


You will absolutely want a commercial fence for your Tysons Corner, VA business to be difficult to climb over. The height should be at least 8 feet tall. Limit the number of horizontal rails; it gives intruders a helpful leg over the fence. Don’t make it easy on them. Installing a commercial fence with spikes, points, or razor wire is best for keeping climbers out.

It is also best to use strong, heavy-duty materials for commercial fences in Tysons Corner, VA that can’t be easily and quickly cut through with special tools. Your best defense in protecting your business property is installing a durable, fully-enclosed commercial fence and gate.

Steel and aluminum ornamental is a commercial standard and favorite for businesses in Tysons Corner, VA. This heavy-duty metal is exceptionally sturdy and durable. Chain link is another favorite. The steel construction resists corrosion and is extra durable, lasting for years. These type of commercial fences can add curb appeal to your Tysons Corner, VA business while demanding little or no maintenance.

Carter Fence can help you in your selection for whatever type of commercial fence you might need for your Tysons Corner, VA business. With over 30 years of experience, you can depend on Carter Fence for reliable, skilled craftsmanship for your fencing needs.

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