Troubleshooting for Common Fence Repairs in Arlington, VA

Fences are a great way to surround your yard to keep small children and pets inside your yard. They also provide a boundary line around your property to mark what is yours and what is your neighbors. If you have cows or horses, you will need some type of fencing to keep them contained on your property. Regardless of the particular type of fence you have on your Arlington, VA property, eventually, some kind of fence repairs will be needed. No fence lasts forever.

By troubleshooting the most common fence problems, you will be able to determine the fence repairs you need and rather you can do the work yourself or will need to hire a professional fence company in Arlington, VA such as Carter Fence to professionally fix your fence issues.

Common Fence Repairs

  • Leaning Fence—A leaning fence on your property in Arlington, VA gives off a bad reflection on your Arlington, VA property. If you are in a development with neighbors close by, this can be an eyesore for your community. Properly maintaining your fence by an annual inspection can help your fence to stay upright with the proper fence repairs when you find a problem.  
  • Gate Hinges Won’t Close Fence—These type of fence repairs need to be handled as soon as possible, the sooner, the better. If the function of your fence is to contain small children or pets, or other valuable items, it can’t do its job if it won’t shut. Sagging hinges are the most common reason your gate won’t close properly. It could also be the latch that is causing the problem as well. These are relatively easy fence repairs.
  • Problem Installations—So many times homeowners in Arlington, VA think that putting up a fence is no big issue. To prevent having a property dispute with your neighbor later, be sure to contact a local Arlington, VA surveyor to find out the exact property lines before your fence installation. The last thing you want is to spend all that money and then have to tear part of it down because it’s on your neighbor’s property. The same with county or city ordinances. By getting all the facts on the height and fence type before your installation, may save yourself from having to tear it down later and begin all over again.

Other than an accident such as a vehicle running into your fence on your property in Arlington, VA and taking part of it out, a properly maintained fence with periodic cleaning, staining or painting goes a long way in preventing many fence repairs in the future.

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