Types of Fencing Material

Blending a fence into the landscape of your home in Northern Virginia adds distinction and functionality. From a simple picket fence to panel and slat fences, designed to break the wind and offer privacy, today’s fences come in many different materials and are used in numerous applications around Northern Virginia properties.

Wood Fencing for your Northern Virginia Property

The type of wood that a fence is built from can affect its price, appearance, and durability. Southern yellow pine is common for fencing because it is one of the less expensive materials and is very durable when treated properly. Maintenance of wood fences is higher than all types of fencing materials.in Northern Virginia.

Whatever type of wood you use for fencing, it can be constructed into panel fencing, for privacy and wind blockage, slat fencing for privacy and wind flow, as picket fence or rail fencing. Some wood will require a finish treatment to protect it, while others, such as redwood and cedar, will gain beauty when left natural. Maintenance of wood fences is higher than all types of fencing materials.

Vinyl Fencing Options

Vinyl fencing comes in a multitude of styles and colors and requires very little maintenance. The traditional white picket fence gives a quaint look without the maintenance of wood. Vinyl fencing panels can be installed for privacy with an option for slats to allow airflow. Estate and pasture fencing made from vinyl will protect your animals and last longer than most wood fences.

Attractive & Durable Aluminum Fencing

Offering the elegance of wrought iron, aluminum fencing is less costly and requires less maintenance. Available in many designs and colors aluminum fencing is durable and harder to scale than a wood fence, offering added protection for your property in Northern Virginia.

Secure your Property with Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is an excellent choice when you have the need to keep children and pets corralled. Available in various heights, chain link fencing can be used to fence a yard, or put up a perimeter around a playground. Less expensive than wood and requiring less maintenance, when considering types of fencing material, it is the least attractive of all the materials listed here.

Variety of Fencing Options in Northern Virginia

Deciding which type of fence material you want for your home may be the most difficult part of the installation. Contact Carter Fence for a free quote! We can help you decide on a type of fencing that will work best for you home and your budget!

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