What Can a Little TLC Do For Wood Fences in Falls Church, VA?

A wood fence from Carter Fence is a great way to define the border of your property in Falls Church, VA. It can keep animals and children safe in their own yard while keeping others out. A privacy wood fence can provide a safe and secure area protected from onlookers.

Over time, wood fences tend to rot; however, with a little TLC, you can make your wood fence last much longer.

Cedar and pressure-treated pine residential fences are quite popular in Falls Church, VA. Various types of wood fences take different care. Take, for instance, cedar or redwood. These particular types of wood fences are more resistant to rot and decay than other types of wood. Although these are not as strong as say a Douglas fir used to frame houses in Falls Church, VA, when it comes to holding up when exposed to the elements, these are the best types of wood to use.There is little maintenance for cedar other than if you want to stain it, or leave it alone and watch it turn grayish in color giving it a more rustic appearance.

Pressure treated pine wood fences take a little extra time to maintain. To keep the wood from rotting, apply a wood preservative to seal your new wood fence. This will help protect it from the elements. These water-repellent preservatives can be found at your local home improvement or hardware stores in Falls Church, VA. Another option is applying exterior stains which are usually sealants and can be coordinated with the exterior of your home.

If your Falls Church, VA home has a sprinkler system, keep it away from spraying a wood fence. It will only cause wood to rot faster, as will bushes and vines. Wood offers the flexibility in changing its appearance by just staining it a darker color or painting it a color to match your décor.

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