Why a Vinyl Fence is More Popular for Homeowners in Northern, VA

Vinyl fence installations have become more popular among homeowners in Northern, VA compared to the traditional wood fence installations. Wood fences come with a whole lot of maintenance, and some homeowners would not rather be burdened with the extra labor and costs to upkeep a traditional wood fence and therefore are turning to vinyl fences for their choice of fence installations in Northern, VA.

Rather than dealing with having to repaint or restain every couple of years, repairing rotten fencing boards, or taking a chance of a termite infestation, vinyl fencing has become quite the trend in Northern, VA. A vinyl fence has a number of benefits that make it a much better selection and more affordable option for property owners in Northern, VA.

A vinyl fence offers what most people seek for in their residential fencing needs—privacy, security, and curb appeal. It also offers many other benefits including—

  • Never needs painting making it low maintenance.
  • No chemicals are needed to deter termites or other pests. A vinyl fence is termite proof.
  • Vinyl cleans off with just a little soap and water.
  • It doesn’t rust like wrought iron or chain link posts.
  • It won’t rot.
  • Vinyl fencing is five times stronger and four times more flexible than your traditional wood fencing making it extremely durable in areas prone to heavy winds, storms or other extreme rough weather.
  • Graffiti paint marks can be easily removed by using paint thinner or acetone.
  • Vinyl fencing is recyclable, so it saves from filling landfills in Northern, VA.
  • A vinyl fence is not treated with any toxic chemicals used in treatment for insect resistance.

Vinyl fencing comes in an array of different colors that will blend in with any Northern, VA home’s landscaping. You can also get vinyl fencing to mimic wood. It comes in many different styles including picket and lattice.

Vinyl fences are a great investment for Northern, VA homeowners who are looking to possibly sell their home in the future.

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