Why Homeowners in Northern, VA Choose Winter to do Wood Fence Repair

If you are like most homeowners, they prefer to enjoy the warm weather outside doing activities with the family such as taking walks, riding bikes, swimming, or grilling out on the deck. The last thing Northern, VA homeowners want to do is spend half their summer doing their wood fence repairs. That is one of the reasons that homeowners in Northern, VA are have switched to doing projects like wood fence repair in the winter months instead of during the warmer months. However, there are other reasons too, such as—

  • Protects the Lawn and Landscaping—Any shrubbery, plants, or flowers that you have planted near where the wood fence repair is necessary is protected because some go into a dormant stage while others you might need to replant each year in the spring. When you hire a fencing crew in Northern, VA to come out for your wood fence repair, all the walking back and forth repairing the fence does not tear up the lawn because it is usually frozen from the cold weather.  
  • Easier to Get an Appointment—Northern, VA fencing contractors are less busy in the winter months. It is much easier and faster to get an appointment for an estimate. Once you have the estimate, it does not take near as long for the crew to come for the wood fence repair as it would if you wait until the summer months when the fence company is much busier.
  • Protects Fence Against Harsh Weather—If your fence in Northern, VA is in bad need of repairs, doing those wood fence repairs in the winter will ensure your fence does not withstand any more damage that could cost you more in the summer to repair if you waited.
  • Lower Costs—A wood fence repair during a business’s off-season might just save you some money.

Who To Call For Wood Fence Repair?

Carter Fence is a family owned fencing business who provides fence and deck installations and repairs plus retractable awnings for your Northern, VA home. They have been servicing the Northern, VA area since 1986. Go ahead and call Carter Fence today and beat the spring rush for your wood fence repair.

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