Why Homeowners Should Think About Installing Privacy Fences in Arlington, VA

Would you like more privacy around your property in Arlington, VA? Maybe you should think seriously about a privacy fence. Privacy fences go a long way to keep out nosy neighbors or neighborhood children from passing through your yard. These fences also provide a barrier against a noisy street or loud neighbors. Building a privacy fence around your property in Arlington, VA can provide your family with added privacy when outside playing or entertaining.

Fences are usually at least 4 to 6 feet in height to qualify as “privacy fences” and are typically solid in construction. If you are looking for more seclusion in your backyard or around a swimming pool, a privacy fence is your best selection. It is a better fence to keep your children and pets inside your yard and keep other people or animals from entering your property in Arlington, VA.

The most popular privacy fences in Arlington, VA are constructed from wood or vinyl. Most likely, your choice will be determined by your budget and how much time you want to put in to maintain your fence to keep it looking like new. Your selection may also be based on what is allowed if you live in a neighborhood with an HMO (Homeowners Association).

First, you need to determine your boundary lines for your Arlington, VA property. Also, be a good neighbor and inform them of your plans. They might share the cost of the fence on the property line between each of your properties if they, too, want to build a privacy fence for themselves. Make sure to discuss who will maintain the fence. It will do no good if you only take care of your side and they neglect their side. Eventually, you will have a tattered fence.

Unless you have experience in fence installation, it is best to go with professional fence installers like the team at Carter Fence. This way you will be sure your fence installation is done correctly and built to last. You can also have Carter Fence come out periodically and do any fence repairs that need to be done.

As for routine cleaning and maintaining, a wood fence will need repainting or restaining every couple of years whereas a vinyl fence will only need a good soap and water washing once in a while. Wood privacy fences would be cheaper but in the long run, Arlington, VA homeowners find that vinyl fencing cost more upfront but through the years is much cheaper to maintain. So in the end, the cost is pretty much the same.

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