Will an Alternating Board Fence Suit Your Needs in Leesburg, VA?

You may be wondering exactly what is an alternating board fence and if you want one for your property in Leesburg, VA. This particular kind of fence offers privacy and can be constructed  as tall as you need to keep prying eyes away from your yard. What separates an alternating board fence from other wood privacy fences is the airflow.

Posts are placed deeper into the ground for alternating board fences because of the heaviness of the added weight. Cross rails are connected to the posts, and then fence boards are placed to the cross rails, alternating sides when placed. This creates a space between the fence boards which allows air to flow through.

Looking head-on, an alternating board fence for your home in Leesburg, VA will give complete privacy whereas, looking through from an angle will allow you to see through to the other side of the fence. Airflow gives your fence a better chance of withstanding strong winds compared to a solid board fence. Without any airflow, strong winds hitting against a solid barrier doesn’t withstand as well for properties in Leesburg, VA.

An alternating board fence can be made of either pressure-treated pine or cedar. Cedar is an excellent choice because of its resistance to insects. It has natural preservatives, whereas pressure-treated pine will need to be retreated to preserve the wood.

Different styles and designs are available in Leesburg, VA for alternating board fences as well as added fence post caps, decorative tops, and gates to allow openings into your yard from the outside. All of these added features can enhance the appearance of your fence in Leesburg, VA.

If you are contemplating constructing an alternating board fence on your Leesburg, VA property, consult with the professionals at Carter Fence. They will come to your property and give you their best suggestions to give your property added curb appeal as well as a fence that will serve the purpose you need it tp provide. Although the final decision will be up to you, they can offer which material fencing and design will suit your property the best.

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