Wire Fence Repair for Farms in Leesburg, VA

Having any sort of farm in Leesburg, VA is a full-time job. While you are watering and feeding all your farm animals, busy mending barns or shelters, and taking care of other household tasks, don’t forget about that wire fence repair you might have been putting on the back burner.

Unless you want to entertain the trouble of trying to roundup up your herd off the highway or your neighbor’s property in Leesburg, VA, you might want to consider doing any wire fence repair as soon as possible once you first notice the damage. Not only could your animals get hurt, but the damage they might do to someone else’s property is not something you want to deal with when you can spend the early mornings doing the necessary wire fence repairs around your Leesburg, VA farm and rest assured you have a secure and safe fenced-in area for your livestock.

Broken branches from overhead trees can do quite a bit of damage to wire fences in Leesburg, VA. Some fence splits can be prevented by merely clearing away any branches and debris that possibly could fall on your fence. Undoubtedly, sooner or later, you will entail fence splits at your home in Leesburg, VA which will require wire fence repairs.

Livestock can be extremely hard on wire fences, and with little effort, they can make a little hole a lot bigger hole in your fence, which is another reason to see to it that any needed wire fence repair is done as soon as possible. Periodically restretching and staking down your fence, repairing fence splits and rotten fence posts should keep your livestock safely contained in Leesburg, VA.

You probably already have most of the necessary tools you will need for your wire fence repairs such as—

  • Solid fence stretcher
  • Wire cutters or tin snips
  • Large screwdriver
  • Quality pliers or vice grips and bold cutters
  • Gloves

More than likely you will need to purchase fence staples and wire from your local Leesburg, VA home improvement or farm supply store unless you already have some laying around.

The one tool that you might consider purchasing which you probably won’t have in your tool box is the fence tool which is a hammer/plier combination. The fence tool helps to remove old nails or staples and twisting wire in tight areas where your hands won’t reach.

If you don’t feel you are up to tackling the wire fence repairs which are needed around your Leesburg, VA farm by yourself, call the team from Carter Fence for a free consultation about your fencing needs.

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