Wood Deck Repairs In Reston, VA

How long has it been since your deck has had any maintenance?  If you’re furrowing your brow in concentration and struggling to remember, that’s a sure sign that it’s been too long.  Our recommendation is that if you have a wooden deck, you have it inspected on an annual basis, which allows us to spot any potential or developing problems and fix them before things get out of hand.  We also recommend having your deck power washed, stained and re-sealed on an annual basis to help protect it from the elements.

If your deck is made out of composite materials, we still recommend an annual inspection, but you can skip the rest as composite materials don’t need power washing, staining or sealing.

If your deck has reached the point where it’s starting to feel rickety when you step out onto it and it’s causing your family to avoid it altogether, just give our office a call.  As the top-rated porch and decking company in the area, nobody knows more about wood deck repairs in Reston, VA than our skilled craftsmen.

We’ll need to come out and assess its condition before we can say for sure, but most of the time, we can restore you existing deck to like new condition for a fraction of what it would cost you to have something new built in its place.

Don’t have a deck yet?  Not a problem. We can ply the same skills we use to effect wood deck repairs in Reston, VA to build you something totally custom.  Understand though, that a custom deck project significantly more complex than a simple repair job, and it’s something we’ll need to work with you closely on to make sure that what we build is exactly what you had in mind.

If you know you want something custom but you’re having trouble getting your vision to crystalize in your head, be sure to spend some time browsing through the extensive collection of photos kept elsewhere on the site.

These are past projects we’ve worked on, and having a look at this will provide two immediate benefits to you:  First, the photos showcase the quality of the work our craftsmen perform, and second, if you’re struggling to come up with specific ideas for your custom deck project, they’ll give you a whole host of ideas.

Once you’ve mapped out your vision, we’ll capture the details from you and turn them into a project plan.  We’ll hand that over to you for review, along with a free, no obligation estimate and assuming you’re comfortable with everything, we’ll set about turning your custom deck dreams into a reality.

Whatever your needs are where your deck is concerned, from simple wood deck repairs in Reston, VA to an elaborate custom project, we’ve got you covered.  Give us a call today!

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