Wood Fence Repair Falls Church, VA

In Falls Church, VA, wood fence repair is one of the easiest ways to save money, maintain the value of your home and keep the neighbors happy. That doesn’t meet you will actually enjoy it. Usually, it’s only the most dedicated weekend handymen that get excited about a sagging gate or a rotted post. If you’re like most property owners, it’s just one of those expected irritations that go with having a house.

Wood fence repair in Falls Church, VA, does save you money in the long run because it adds years to the active life of your fence. But in the short term, it can get a bit pricey. That’s because you might need to rent or buy specific types of tools to do the job correctly. These can range from fairly low in cost, like shovels and posthole diggers, to mid-range like pressure washers and skill saws, to higher-end like a cement mixer.

You also need a fairly sophisticated level of expertise to do the job right. Many things can go wrong with your fence, including:

  • Rot, cracks, and holes in the wood
  • Weather damage from temperature extremes and storms
  • Shifting ground around the base of posts
  • Damage to posts and rails like deterioration and wear and tear

One of the major repairs that you and your neighbors probably hate with a passion is fixing a sagging gate. First, you need to determine the cause. This isn’t always obvious. Is it because the posts on either side of the gate are damaged? Does this mean the base of the posts have rotted below ground? Did the weight of the gate put the frame out of alignment? Just figuring out the trouble can take hours, as well as research and digging around the base.

Then you need to assemble your tools and materials and get ready to get dirty. If it’s the middle of winter, this isn’t going to be fun, but it will be wet and messy. For reasons like this, many local homeowners trust the job to our team here at Carter Fence. We’ve been helping out local residents with all things fence related for over 30 years. There isn’t much we don’t know about fences. We are also intimately familiar with the soil conditions, terrain, and weather that affect fences in the area.

We have the equipment, know-how and staff to get your fence on the mend quickly and affordably. Since 1986, the team here at Carter Fence has been providing consultation services, quality construction and repair using the finest materials available, and doing it at prices that are competitive and fair.

For a free, no-obligation quote for wood fence repair in Falls Church, VA, call the experts at Carter Fence today.


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