Wood Fence Repair in McLean, VA

In McLean, VA, wood fence repair usually ends up at the bottom of your To Do list. Fixing a damaged rail in the middle of winter isn’t a bundle of fun. But it is an excellent way to save yourself some money. If you make repairs in a timely fashion, small problems don’t have a chance to get worse. What requires a patch or a turn of the screw today might easily need an entirely new board or rail or gate in the near future.

When you keep your fence in good repair, you make your neighbors happy. Nothing makes a property look rundown like a worn out fence with missing boards, rotting rails and posts with holes in them. If your gate sags, people walking through it will not have a positive impression of your home. When you do keep it well maintained, you are telling the world that you place a high value on your surroundings and your safety. You are also ensuring that the value of your home will go up, not down.

That said, not everyone likes to repair an old fence or has the skills and tools to do a good job. The most common problems that occur in home fences like yours are:

  • Rotting, cracking and holes
  • Damage to posts and rails
  • Weather damage
  • Shifting ground at the base

Each of these problems takes a fairly high level of expertise to fix so the repair is effective. And each requires a set of tools that not every homeowner keeps on hand.

The same is true for maintenance. It’s true that your wood fence requires very little upkeep. But every year the surface should be thoroughly cleaned. Every two or three years you should apply a sealant or stain. It takes time and effort, but not too much money to do this kind of upkeep. But many families have too little time together as it is. The idea of spending precious summer days cleaning a fence isn’t too attractive.

That’s why many people in the area feel it is cost-effective to have the team here at Carter Fence do the job. We have been helping people just like you since 1986. That’s a lot of experience in all things fence related. We design fences, build them, maintain them and repair them. Since we’re local, we understand the terrain and soil condition in the area and the effects that weather extremes and storms can have.

Our workers are fully trained and have years of hands-on, practical knowledge in fence repair in McLean, VA. You aren’t hiring someone who just wants a part-time gig. You are getting the services of skilled experts, using the latest equipment and tools.

For a free, no-obligation quote for wood fence repair in McLean, VA, call the professionals at Carter Fence today.

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