Wood Fence Repair in Vienna, VA

Are you frustrated with your attempts at wood fence repair in Vienna, VA? It can be frustrating dealing with weather damage, rot, cracks, and holes–to say nothing of complicated gate repairs.

Is it worth repairing? You might be so irritated at the length of time it’s taking that you’re considering the old thing down and putting up a new fence, maybe using composite materials in a fake wood design. Fence repair for the weekend handyman can be a month’s long project. You’re not alone in your irritation.

The good news is that wood fence repair in Vienna, VA, isn’t needed often. Wood is one of the most durable and longest-lasting materials for outdoor projects. But every structure shows signs of wear and tear after years of faithful service. And weather extremes can take a toll on even the hardiest wood.

The main problems that homeowners like you experience, when dealing with wood fence repair, are:

  • The ground shifting under the fence
  • Damage to the posts and rails
  • Rot, cracks, and holes in the wood
  • Weather damage

You definitely want to repair it. There is most likely years of good service in that old fence of yours. Repairing adds to its functional lifespan, maintains the value of your home, keeps people off your property, and makes your neighbors happy.

That leaves the problem of how to get it repaired in a timely and affordable manner. Many local householders decide to hire out the work to the team here at Carter Fence. We’ve been helping local property owners maintain older fences for over 30 years. That’s a lot of hands-on, practical experience with all types of fences, a wide range of wood species, and the types of problems that often crop up in this part of the country. We are familiar with local weather conditions, terrain and soil issues that play a role in wood fence repair in Vienna, VA.

Does your wood fence show signs of rot due to moisture and weather extremes? We can help. We can patch the problem and if necessary add support to posts and rails. In some cases, we might recommend replacing individual panels and boards.

If you have cracks and holes, it might be an insect problem. We can patch or even refinish the holes and cracks, as long as you call us in soon enough. We can let you know if the problem is impacting the structural integrity of your fence. If so, sections might need replacement.

Sagging posts and gates are a common issue with older fences. It could be a sign that the base had rotted below the ground level, out of sight. After inspection, we can tell you what needs to be replaced or repaired.

For a free, no-obligation quote for wood fence repair in Vienna, VA, call the experts at Carter Fence today.

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