Wood Rot and Fence Repair in Great Falls, VA

Wood fences in Great Falls, VA take a beating because of weather elements including the sun, rain, snow, wind and below-ground frost. Fence repair is common for homeowners in Great Falls, VA  because of wood vulnerability to nature’s punishments. Wood rotting is especially common, and any wood fence repairs that you do on your Great Falls, VA property should be done with the most rot-resistant lumber that fits into your budget.

Pressure-treated lumber is treated with preservatives making it last longer even when it is buried below the ground. Other woods that stand up well underground are cedar and redwood. Even though you stain or paint your wooden fence with preservatives, your fence posts in the ground or fencing boards that are frequently in contact with water because of dripping tree leaves and bushes or yard sprinklers are still subject to wood rot and will demand fence repairs sooner or later at your home in Great Falls, VA.

Rot seems to be the biggest enemy of wooden fences calling for fence repair in Great Falls, VA. Posts that are not adequately treated or placed in concrete are more prone to wood rot. Lower boards such as the bottom rails of a fence suffer if they are subjected to vegetation that has rubbed against them which traps in the water. Keeping your fence line clean by cutting back brush on your property in Great Falls, VA can save on fence repairs.

Homeowners should carefully inspect their fences regularly especially after a bad storm comes through. If your fence on your Great Falls, VA property is enclosing an area for children or small pets to play or livestock such as horses or cows, a damaged fence in need of fence repair could be a significant safety issue.

Anytime you have necessary fence repairs, you should not put the repairs off too long. A falling fence can be an eyesore among neighbors. No one wants to look out their window and see a fence in dire need of repairs. Prevent future major fence repairs in Great Falls, VA with the minor fence repairs that you take care of today.

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