Wood vs Vinyl Fence

Carter Fence, with over 30 years of experience in handcrafting fences, is uniquely equipped to help you get the best fence for your property and your needs. While wood fences remain most popular, vinyl fences have increasingly brought the competition. Here’s what you need to know.

Wood and Vinyl are Common Fence Choices. Why Choose a Wood Fence Over a Vinyl Fence?
You can compare a PVC vinyl fence and classic wood fence based on durability,, maintenance, style, price and installation cost. Wood fencing is less expensive, naturally attractive, and more flexible in appearance.

What Are the Differences in Maintenance Requirements Between Wood Fences and Vinyl Fences?
Entering the market in the 1980’s, vinyl fences are more durable than wood fences. Vinyl fences require limited maintenance, and are engineered to resist wood’s natural enemies – fire, deterioration, gnawing insects, mold, and rot.

Why Choose a Vinyl Fence Over a Wood Fence?
Weather resistance, durability, and low-maintenance characteristics catapult vinyl fences over their traditional counterpart, the ubiquitous wood fence, for long-term function, value, and beauty. However, the length of your fence may dictate the affordability of a wood fence.

Comparing wood fences and vinyl fences before making a decision will tell you which will be the optimal material for your needs. Take Carter Fence along with you to make sure you get the best fence – wood or vinyl – for your money and your needs. Thank you for contacting us for your fencing needs!

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