Wooden Fence Repair Due to Rot in Falls Church, VA

Wooden fences are a great way to improve your landscaping in Falls Church, VA. There are so many ways you can display a wooden fence with many different materials to choose from, designs and not to mention adding hanging planters from your fence, letting vines or trailing plants grow up against your fence. Whatever type of wooden fencing you have at your Falls Church, VA home will eventually run into some type of wooden fence repairs.

Severe winter snow storms in Falls Church, VA can lay heavy on fences and cause damage that will require a wooden fence repair. High winds and rain downpours can beat down on your fence causing damage that will need to be repaired. Wood is vulnerable especially to rot. Your wooden fence repairs should always be done with the most rot-resistant lumber you can afford. Pressure treated lumber is saturated with preservatives to help wooden fences last much longer even when it is buried in the ground.

Rot is the biggest reason for wooden fence repairs in Falls Church, VA. If your fence posts were not properly treated or set in concrete during installation, your posts typically will rot at ground level. If you have any type of plants or weeds rubbing up against your fence that traps water, it can cause needed wooden fence repairs to the bottom rails of your fencing.

A careful inspection of your wooden fence around your home in Falls Church, VA should be done periodically so that you can catch the damage early and have it properly repaired. Wood rot does not stop; it will only spread to more areas of your fence.

A weak rotten post can pull down a large section of your wooden fence if not properly repaired. Posts are the support of your fence and once they begin to rot you may be looking at a new fence installation.

For all your fencing needs including wooden fence repairs or a new fence installation, look to the team at Carter Fence. They will be more than happy to come to your Falls Church, VA home and give you a free no obligation estimate for any fencing projects. These experts can advise you rather your fence is worth repairing or will need to be replaced.

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