Wooden Fencing Brings a Traditional Esthetics to Homes in Vienna, VA

Wooden fencing is still quite popular among homeowners in Vienna, VA. Some homeowners associations require the traditional wooden fencing for residential homes. Depending on the type of wood, wooden fencing is relatively inexpensive to install and brings warm and traditional esthetics to homes and neighborhoods.

Classic picket wooden fencing and post and rail wooden fencing for larger properties are still a favorite for properties in Vienna, VA.

Southern yellow pine is one of the more popular wood because it is budget-friendly, strong, and, when pressure treated, has a greater resistance to rot and pests. Another popular choice among Vienna, VA property owners is Western red cedar, which has a natural resistance to rot and pests and also comes pressure treated for increased durability. Redwood, spruce, and fir are other popular choices. The cost and availability of these different types of wooden fencing vary depending on the area where you live.

Vienna, VA homeowners can protect their investment by treating their wooden fencing with a moisture sealant, which helps prevent rot and warping. Adding a stain can highlight your wooden fencing’s natural finish or give it a completely different appearance. Stains help to preserve the longevity of your fence. This should be done every couple of years, depending on which product you use and how your fence weathers. There are also products on the market that combine both sealant and stain.

If posts are properly installed, your fencing should remain standing upright, especially during strong winds. Wood rot can affect posts, which causes them to warp, split, or pull away from the fence. Having a professional fence builder install your fence on your Vienna, VA property is your best bet to have a wooden fence last longer, and properly maintaining your fence is essential to its long-lasting life.

Another alternative is vinyl fencing, which can mimic the look of wood. Although it is a bit pricier than most wooden fencing in Vienna, VA, it is easier to maintain, and in the long run, you don’t have to paint it every couple of years, which will save on the cost of materials and labor.

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