Wooden Fencing in Great Falls, VA

In Great Falls, VA, wooden fencing makes any home look even better. With its classic elegance, a wood fence enhances the architectural style of your home and blends in seamlessly with your landscape design.

The biggest reason homeowners like you choose wooden fencing in Great Falls, VA, is its versatility. The design options are limited only by your imagination. Consider the many ways you can customer a wood fence:

  • Choice of wood
  • Choice of color, either stain or paint
  • Choice of height
  • Choice of accessories

You can start with the American favorite, the picket fence. It is usually about four feet high, painted white, and made of pressure-treated pine. But why not have some fun with it?

Choose a sleep South American exotic wood, like Tigerwood, or red cypress, a native of the southern swampland. Instead of four feet high, make your picket fence five feet, providing more of a barrier around your property. Stain it instead of painting it white.

Or stick with pressure-treated pine, but paint it a bright, cheery blue or green instead of white. Use it to surround your herb garden, your flowers or a special area with roses.

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ll want a privacy fence in your backyard. A picket fence presents a friendly, welcoming face in your front yard. But in the back, it’s nice to keep prying eyes out while you grill, visit with friends, and garden. It is also the most effective way to keep children and pets safe within your boundaries, and strangers out.

You can build a standard privacy fence made from red cedar, with vertical boards placed close together. Five to six feet in height is typical for this type of fence, but you can go higher or lower. But you’re not limited to the look of a standard fence.

Add flower boxes along the top rail or attach them to the boards. Plant them with herbs or brightly colored flowers. Add a trellis section at the top. Or choose a horizontal privacy fence. This gives your whole property a very modern and streamlined look. Add a gate with a special design. Paint it a different color.

When you choose wooden fencing in Greats Falls, VA, you are giving yourself the gift of endless possibilities. The team here at Carter Fence can help you with design ideas. We are experts in custom fencing and in giving a personal look to a standard design.

We are happy to guide you through the often confusing process of choosing a species of wood for your special fence. There is a wood that will fit your budget and your preferences, and the folks at Carter will help you find it.

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