Wooden Fencing in Reston, VA

In Reston, VA, wooden fencing is the choice of smart homeowners like you who want a fence that will last for years with minimal upkeep. You want a fence that adds beauty to your home and yard and increases its resale value. Wood does all of these things.

And it does even more! Did you know that modern wood is one of the most environmentally friendly of all building materials? Stabilizers and preservatives have long been used on wood to make it more resistant to moisture and insects and to stop it from swelling. These chemical applications have a major impact on the longevity of the wood.

But in years past, these chemicals were often bad for the air and soil. Thanks to research and new technology, wooden fencing in Reston, VA, is now treated with solutions that do not harm the environment. In fact, an old wood fence is one of the simplest materials to recycle.

When you choose wood, you are opening up a cornucopia of design possibilities. Just look at the ways you can customize wooden fencing in Reston, VA:

  • Type of wood
  • Height
  • Accessories
  • Color, either stain or paint

For an upscale look, you can select a South American exotic wood like ipe or Tigerwood. Check out red cypress from Southern swamplands. Or go with one of the old favorites like red cedar or pressure-treated pine.

By adding flower boxes or special types of gates, interesting hardware or post caps, a trellis top or another add-on, you can give any standard design a very personal look. Instead of staining your fence, paint it a bright green or blue. It will still work well with your landscaping, but you are making the fence a focal point instead of handing it blend into your exterior design.

You might be wondering about cost. Experts consider wood fences one of the most cost-effective choices. It is much less pricey than ornamental wrought iron, as well as vinyl and even aluminum fences in most cases. But it still looks elegant. Upkeep takes very little time, energy and money. You just need to clean it off once a year and seal it every other year or so.

Are you feeling overwhelmed about all the options? You can get help from professionals with years of experience in all things fence-related. Check with the pros here at Carter Fence. We’ve been assisting homeowners just like you for over three decades. We have the hands-on, practical knowledge of local soil and terrain, the weather and preferred looks and materials. We can help you create the perfect fence to add distinction to your property.

For a free, no-obligation quote for wooden fencing in Reston, VA, call the pros at Carter Fence today.

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