Wooden Fencing is Still the Popular Choice in Vienna, VA

Even today, wooden fencing is still the choice of many Vienna, VA homeowners. Although it means either hiring a fencing company such as Carter Fence to maintain your wooden fencing or if you are an avid do-it-yourselfer and enjoy those household projects, you can maintain it yourself.

Homeowners in Vienna, VA still prefer the rich and natural look of wooden fencing because it still offers advantages such as the lower cost of materials. Wooden fencing can also be stained or painted to match the surrounding landscape at homes in Vienna, VA and it can also be easily customized to your specifications and still keeping within a budget.

There are many wooden fencing styles to choose from in Vienna, VA such as privacy fences, stockade fences, board on board, split rail fences and picket fences. You can also pick from different types of wood including pine, cedar, spruce, and pressure treated lumber.

If you are looking for a privacy fence, then consider a stockade, board on board, or board on batten style wooden fencing. By adding decorative latticework to the top, you can extend the height of the fence.

Maybe you just want a wooden fence to set off your property boundaries. A great choice at an affordable price would be a split rail fence. It offers an open look; however, if you would need added security, you can add wire to your fence. This works well if you are fencing in livestock or horses.

Another favorite to homeowners in Vienna, VA is the picket fence. Many homeowners will install a picket fence around the front yard and then place a privacy fence in the backyard. This type of project can be incorporated together in a customized way that will resemble great taste and add curb appeal to your Vienna, VA home.

You cannot go wrong with wooden fencing. It will add value to your property and provide function and beauty to your property’s landscaping design.

Look no further than Carter Fence, a family-owned fencing contractor who offers their customers outstanding service at a reasonable price. Call today for a free estimate on a wooden fencing installation.

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