Before Hiring a Fence Builder in Northern, VA

Trying to find the right fence builder for your property in Northern, VA? Installing a fence is quite an ordeal and requires a lot of skill and experience. Hiring a fence builder will be your best bet to be assured a professional installation that will last a long, long time.

To get ideas for your new fence, ride around your Northern, VA neighborhood. If you see one that stands out, ask the homeowners who their fence builder was and if they were satisfied with the finished job. Was the work done on time and within budget? Did they have reasonable prices? Did they clean up the job site after the work was completed? If any issues came up, were they handled in a prompt and pleasing manner?

Get Fence Builder References

Getting references from other homeowners in Northern, VA might save you from using a fence builder that you know nothing about and can’t verify their work. Most reputable fence builders do not mind sharing previous references of their customers (with their permission of course) and pictures of their masterpieces.

Always get estimates from several different fence builders and compare prices. Make sure each estimate is for the same exact type of fencing material, style, and layout of your fence. Changing either of these will fluctuate in price.

Make Sure Your Fence Builder Complies With HOAs

If you belong to an HOA, homeowners association, find out what types of fencing they will allow you to construct on your property in Northern, VA. Sometimes you might not have too many options if all fencing has to be similar. Some HOA’s will even require that you use a particular fence builder, so knowing this might save you a lot of time in your pursuit.

Some fence builders will even pull permits for your fence installation. These professionals know the ins and outs of fencing projects and can advise you on what all needs to be done before breaking ground. Ask if they charge for this service or will they cut you a break if you obtain your own permits.

Either you or your prospective fence builder will need to notify the utility companies so that they can come and mark your Northern, VA property of all underground cables and wires before digging. This is extremely important, so you need to inquire about this when hiring a fence builder. Most offer this as a service to their prospective customers.

Carter Fence is a fence builder serving the Northern, VA area and would be more than happy to come to your property and scope things out, give you an estimate, and answer any questions that you might have about your fence installation.

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