Different Designs For a Shadowbox Fence in Leesburg, VA

I am sure you have seen plenty of vertical shadowbox fences in the Leesburg, VA area, but what about a horizontal shadowbox fence? A horizontal board on board fence where the fence boards run horizontally instead of the traditional vertical up and down are becoming more and more popular in Leesburg, VA, adding a different personality to your property.

Constructed a little different than the vertical shadowbox fence, it is still a sturdy fence that will last for years. Using the same size length of boards that go from post to post, you can switch the width and mix them up throughout the post and follow the same pattern on both sides throughout the fence. Tops can be added as well as post caps to give your shadowbox fence a little bit more pizzaz at your Leesburg, VA home.

A shadowbox fence creates a different visual appeal because with boards placed on either side of the fence, both of the sides are completely finished. This helps to appease your neighbors because your fence will look nice on either side, no deciding who gets the finished side.

If security is essential at your Leesburg, VA home, a shadowbox fence will give you peace of mind. It is twice a sturdy as a regular wooden fence and makes it the perfect fence to keep pets and young children safe in your yard.

Red cedar wood is an excellent choice for your shadowbox fence in Leesburg, VA. This type of wood is resistant to termites and other insects that can harm your fence. Pressure-treated lumber can also be used, which will need to be restained and treated every couple of years for protection and to keep your fence looking great at all times.

If you are in doubt about the different fence types or materials, call the team at Carter Fence. They will be glad to come to your property in Leesburg, VA to measure the area where you want your fence located and give you suggestions on the best type and materials for your new fence.






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