Alternating Board Fence In Sterling, VA

Alternating Board Fence In Sterling, VA

Have you been thinking about replacing the aging fence on your property?  Sometimes, that’s absolutely necessary, especially in cases where your existing fence is very old, or if the fence has been extensively damaged, but in a surprising percentage of cases, repair might be a more attractive, more cost-effective option.

Generally speaking, if your fence is less than 30% damaged, then repairing the existing fence will wind up saving you money most of the time.  More than that, and replacement becomes the more attractive option.

Of course, it may be the case that you’ve just decided you don’t like your current fence and want to have something new put in as a means of putting the stamp of your personality on your property.  If that’s the case, and if you’re leaning toward the idea of putting up a privacy fence, may we suggest looking into the option of installing an alternating board fence on your Sterling, VA property instead?

You may know this type of fencing by a different name:  The shadowbox fence.  They are functionally identical to a conventional straight board privacy fence, but they get around a standard privacy fence’s main drawback, which is the fact that while they look great from the road, the look from inside the fenced in area isn’t nearly as visually appealing.

The shadowbox fence gets around this by the way that it’s made, with boards on both sides of the fence, so that the view is identical from whichever side you’re on when you’re looking at the fence.  Even better, this type of fencing is available in a broad range of color, stain and materials options, just like a conventional privacy fence, so you’re not sacrificing anything where choice is concerned, and installing an alternating board fence on your Sterling, VA property costs about the same too.

Whatever your fencing needs are, we’ve got you covered.  As the area’s top-rated fencing and decking company, we’ve spent years buffing our reputation by performing world-class fencing and deck installations, including a lot of highly custom work.

If you know you want some type of fencing but you’re having trouble visualizing it, be sure to spend some time checking out the collection of photos we keep elsewhere on our site.  Not only will that give you a chance to see the quality of the work we do, it’s also certain to give you all sorts of ideas for your own fencing project.

Then, when you’re ready to get started, and whatever you’d like to add, from a modest picket fence to an impressive alternating board fence somewhere on your Sterling, VA property, just give us a call to get the ball rolling.  We’re looking forward to working with you.

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