Bluemont Arlington VA Privacy Fence

In Bluemont Arlington, VA, a privacy fence makes a yard safe from the prying eyes of the people walking by. Your family can relax in greater comfort knowing that others aren’t watching. It also adds value to a property and the right design adds a decorative touch to a yard and landscaping.

What Is a Privacy Fence?

There are many styles of privacy fences, but all have a few things in common. They are five feet or higher and are constructed to obscure the view people have into a property.

A privacy fence in Bluemont Arlington, VA, can be up to seven feet high, offering complete privacy whatever the vantage point. Certain styles make it possible to let air circulate and light to filter through.

Like every fence, it defines boundaries. A privacy fence in Bluemont Arlington, VA, keeps children and pets in the yard and strangers out. With this style of fence, there is never a question of where a family’s property line is. It is visibly separated from the neighbor’s yard.

Benefits of a Privacy Fence

The biggest advantage of a privacy fence in Bluemont Arlington, VA, is concealing the yard from other people’s view. This means families can enjoy time together without others looking in. Entertaining friends and neighbors is more relaxing when privacy is assured.

This type of fence also provides a certain amount of shelter from the weather. It acts as a windbreak, protecting family members, pets and plants. It can also act as a source of shade in summer.

Because privacy fences have materials placed close together, they work well for reducing sound. Noise pollution is real on busy streets and every neighborhood has someone who plays music too loud. The size and thickness of the fence helps to dampen the sound.

A privacy fence can act as a decorative element in a yard. Often made of wood, they can be stained to add a rustic note or painted to complement the color scheme of the home. Owners can choose from a variety of materials and wood species, each with its own appeal.

Work with Fence Experts

Carter Fence has been serving the local area since 1986. The crew at Carter has years of experience in all types of fences. They have earned a reputation for excellent design and workmanship. Clients appreciate the fact that staff works closely with them to design and build a fence that matches a family’s needs and budget.

Carter uses the highest quality materials. This family-owned business uses workers with skill and experience. Expect craftsmanship from Carter Fence.

Carter handles a variety of outdoor projects, including:
• Privacy fences
• Picket fences
• Aluminum fences
• Chain link fences
• Wood fences
• Vinyl fences
• Pasture and estate fences
• Split rail fences
• Gates
• Awning installation and services
• Deck services

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