How Can You Benefit from Alternating Board Fence in Ashburn, VA?

How Can You Benefit from Alternating Board Fence in Ashburn, VA?

Presently, many homeowners in the Northern Virginia areas are installing privacy fences such as alternating boards. They are doing this, especially when fencing a townhome or a yard with a pool. Most important, an alternating board fence in your Ashburn, VA home can be a beautiful way to convert your backyard into a quiet haven of peace.

Depending on your preference, you can choose privacy fences that are 5 feet or higher and those containing boards placed tightly together to obstruct the sight into your property. At Carter Fence, we can design for you an alternating board fence in your Ashburn, VA home that is up to 7 feet. With this, you can enjoy utmost privacy from surrounding points and benefit from some styles that allow light to filter through and air circulation.

Benefits of Alternating Boards Fence Designs

Apart from privacy in your courtyard, one significant advantage of this type of fencing is that; your fence can last you a long time. In fact, with the proper maintenance, a privacy fence can last many years. Notably, they are durable because of their alternating board feature. This alternation enables even weight distribution between the rails; you do not have to worry about the fence sagging.

The alternating fence designs are made using treated Western Red Cedar to avoid rotting and extend the fence’s life. The style also offers depth to the design and gives the same fence appearance from both the outer and inner sides.

There can be a topping up of each fence post by a trellis, various fence post caps, or other decorative tops. Any variety of gates put up into the fence, together with these tops, can give your fence a distinctive appearance.

One other factor that makes such fences more attractive is that; there’s no frontage or back of the fence. All sides appear the same, and both you and your neighbor gets the same pleasant view. Usually, property owners ensure that their privacy fences have the frontal part facing the streets to enhance the curb appeal. This leaves the courtyard to look at the backside. However, with the fence, you don’t have to look at the back of the fence. This is because the fence appears the same on both sides.

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Whether it is a brand new fence you may want to be installed in your courtyard, or you wish to improve your already-existing fence, we are here to help. 

For three decades plus, we’ve been installing fences in Northern Virginia regions skillfully and to our client’s complete satisfaction. We aim at giving you a fence that can last you through the years ahead.

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