Leesburg VA Privacy Fence

A privacy fence in Leesburg, VA, helps families make the most of their yard. Instead of a public gathering spot, it becomes a secluded and private oasis for each member of the family. Pets and children stay safe and everyone is free from the irritation of prying eyes.

A privacy fence is between five and seven feet high in Leesburg, VA, and built with materials close together so it obscures the view into the property. These fences can be built in such a way that light still filters through and air circulates freely.

Increase Value

A home with a fence has more curb appeal to potential homebuyers, and a privacy fence in Leesburg, VA, is the most desirable for buyers with children and pets. They always want to wander off, but a fence keeps them safely in the yard.
People want to relax in their yard. It’s next to impossible to do that when people on the street are looking in. With a privacy fence in Leesburg, VA, the yard feels safer and more personal. It is much easier to feel comfortable when people aren’t watching.

These fences also act as noise baffles and natural sound barriers. They reduce loud traffic noise, music and other sounds in the neighborhood.

For all these reasons, buyers will choose a home with a privacy fence one without. This adds value to a family’s biggest investment, their house and yard.

Decorative Touch

Fences also add an artistic touch to the exterior of a home. The right design can enhance the look of a home’s architecture and landscaping. Privacy fences are often made with wood, which can be stained for a rustic look or painted to complement the color scheme used on the home.

The right fence acts as a focal point for landscape design. It can serve as a backdrop for trees, shrubs, and flowers. It can be an accent for a patio, water feature or other yard component.

Fences can act as wind barriers, making it more comfortable for people and pets. A fence can be a windbreak that protects plantings during strong wind. In summer, it can provide a certain amount of shade on hot days.

Work with Professionals

Carter Fence is a family-owned company that takes pride in designing and constructing the most appealing, durable and functional fences available. They use advanced design and installation methods that ensure each fence is made to the highest standards.

Carter Fence has been building fences since 1986. They understand them from the ground up. The company has experience with all types of materials, designs and construction methods. Whatever type of fence a client wants, Carter can build it.

Carter Fence handles a wide range of outdoor projects, including:
• Privacy fences
• Wood fences
• Vinyl fences
• Picket fences
• Pasture and estate fences
• Split rail fences
• Aluminum fences
• Chain link fences
• Gates
• Deck resurfacing
• Deck installation
• Awning installation

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