Shadowbox Fence in Ashburn, VA; What Does this Fence Design Involve?

Shadowbox Fence in Ashburn, VA; What Does this Fence Design Involve?

If you’re one of those who desire to benefit from the typical privacy fence design, a shadowbox fence in Ashburn, VA, can be your solution. This type of fence can offer numerous benefits, right from aesthetic appeal to durability. Also known as board-on-board fences, shadowbox are picket fences with fence rails containing staggered rows of pickets on both sides. The pickets on one rail side cover the gaps between the pickets on the other rail side, hence blocking sight through the fence.

How Can You Benefit from a Shadowbox Fence Installation in Your Ashburn, VA Property?

Shadowbox fences allow more air and light flow than fences containing little or no spaces in-between the pickets. Added light can benefit you with a brighter courtyard. This fence type can also guarantee you security, knowing that no one is stalking around on the other side of the fence. 

With adequate airflow, the cool breeze cutting through the fence can significantly reduce the high temperature of a summer’s day. Even though there’s airflow limitation compared to a fence containing widely spaced pickets, shadowbox fences can strongly withstand breezy conditions than fences that have no spacing.

Usually, the picket design is spread out; hence, the fence’s outer side (neighbor’s side) will appear just as attractive as your inner side of the fence. Do you know that good fences can also make good neighbors? Your Ashburn, VA home curb’s appeal can be evident as soon as you install shadowbox as part of the property’s feature. 

Some fence design installations ensure that the concentration is only on the property’s inside view. However, for shadowbox fence, since it has the same picture on both sides, any person walking by can easily see and get attracted. Thus, if you want to sell the home, potential buyers have a more opportunity to view. As a result, they can quickly have a positive viewpoint toward the property. Therefore, you may not struggle hard looking for potential buyers.

Carter Fence Experts Offers Solution to all Your Fence Needs

Do you desire an aesthetic value and lasting privacy for your home? A shadowbox fence in your Ashburn, VA property could be what you may be looking for. By involving fence experts like those at Carter fence, you can attain your fence’s goals that feature both beauty and privacy.

Again, if you feel like you should have a total makeshift for your fence, you can consider the shadowbox design. With the visual appeal, all-sided beauty, and durability, you can hardly regret your choice. You only need to engage the fence experts.

Since 1986, we continue to install and service fences in the Northern Virginia area. Right from decorative picket fences to tall wood privacy fences and everything in between, we can always have the solution you want for your fencing needs. 

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