Shadowbox Fence in Sterling, VA; What Added Value Can You Attain from It?

Shadowbox Fence in Sterling, VA; What Added Value Can You Attain from It?

When you have a shadowbox fence installed in your Sterling, VA property, it can often present a particular style of privacy fencing. Fence experts like the Carter Fence contractors use tall pickets to come up with a fence that is similar to a standard picket. When you look at it, it appears like dog-ear. Instead of attaching all the pickets on the rail’s one side, they often alternate the boards. The pickets are spaced out at approximately two to three inches, whilst the construction forms some spaces in the fence.

The Significance of a Shadowbox Fence in Your Sterling, VA Home

  1. It Attracts Visual Interest

Once we construct for you a shadowbox fence, you may realize that it presents the standard posts with three rails straddling in between. The contractors often attach a picket to one side of the rails, and another one on the other rail side, offering a slight overlap to obstruct the view. The fence keeps up this alternating pattern, which yields an attractive design. Usually, both wood and light features will interact together to create a beautiful representation that captures the eye.

  1. The Fence Appears to Merge on Both Sides

One factor that makes shadowboxes more attractive is that; there’s no frontage or back of the fence. All sides appear the same, and both you and your neighbor gets the same pleasant view. Usually, property owners ensure that their privacy fences have the frontal part facing the streets to enhance the curb appeal. This leaves the courtyard to look at the backside. However, with the shadowbox fence, you don’t have to look at the back of the fence. This is because the fence appears the same on both sides.

  1. The Alternating Pickets Increase Durability

Apart from hiding your courtyard, one significant advantage of the privacy fencing is that your fence can last you a long time. In fact, with the correct maintenance, a privacy fence can last many years. Mainly, shadowbox fences are durable because of their alternating pickets. This form of alternation enables the even distribution of weight between the rails so that you do not have to worry about falling pickets or the fence sagging.

Engage the Ultimate Fence Experts for an Added Value in Your Property

This fence design can offer numerous benefits, right from aesthetic appeal to durability. If you desire added value to your home, shadowbox fence installation in your Sterling, VA property could be what you may need. 

By involving fence experts like those at Carter fence, you can attain your fence’s goals that feature both beauty and privacy, amongst other values.

Carter Fence professionals offer the most wide-ranging fence installation and repair services in the Northern Virginia area. We provide numerous options for your ultimate choice.

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