Solid Board Fence In Aldie, VA

Solid Board Fence In Aldie, VA

Let’s talk about privacy fences!  They’re incredibly popular and you see them just about everywhere you look, because they give the people who own them a great, secluded spot to entertain family and friends while enjoying the fantastic views and vistas that this part of the country is known for.

What you may not know is that there’s a lot more to privacy fences than first meets the eye, so in this piece, we’ll dig a little deeper to get to some of the particulars.

First, there’s the matter of the type of privacy fence you want to put up.  Broadly speaking, you’ve got two options here:  Conventional, or Shadowbox.  The conventional privacy fence, or solid board fence in Aldie, VA is the go-to choice, and it’s the type of privacy fencing you see most often.

This type of fencing is characterized by the fact that all of the boards are placed on one side of the fence, such that it has a clearly defined front and back.  The view from outside the fence tends to be great, but aesthetically speaking, if you’re sitting inside the enclosed area, then your view of the fence is somewhat underwhelming.

Shadowbox fencing is the other option.  It costs slightly more, but is a whole lot more visually interesting.  By alternating the placement of the boards, it creates a seamless aesthetic.  The view of the fence is identical no matter which side you’re on.  It’s just prettier and the placement of the boards gives the fence a sense of depth that makes it intriguing.  Almost everyone who has one of these absolutely loves them!

Beyond the two major types of privacy fencing, there’s the matter of the materials used in their construction.  Whether you’re considering adding a solid board fence to your Aldie, VA property, or a shadowbox, you’ll find three different materials to choose from:  vinyl, wood, or composite.

Vinyl fencing tends to be the least expensive and has the advantage of being very low maintenance.  Unfortunately, vinyl privacy fences just aren’t as attractive as their wooden or composite counterparts.

Wood is the go to choice for most people who opt to install a solid board fence on their Aldie, VA property.  It looks great and only costs a bit more than vinyl, but it does require more in the way of ongoing maintenance to keep it in good condition.

Composite materials tend to be the most expensive to work with, but they give you the best of both worlds, providing a fencing solution that looks like wood but is very low maintenance like vinyl.

Ultimately the right answer is the one you prefer and the one your budget can support, so if you decide you want one, just give us a call and let’s make it happen!

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