South Riding Privacy Fence

In South Riding, VA, a privacy fence gives a family a feeling of security and safety because it keeps out prying eyes and keeps in children and pets. It’s hard to relax when people walking by can see into the yard.

A privacy fence in South Riding, VA, provides seclusion because it is five to seven feet high. Built with materials set close together, it obscures the view from the street and other vantage points so that you can relax with your loved ones in peace.

Add Beauty to a Yard

Though a privacy fence in South Riding, VA, has a utilitarian function, it doesn’t have to look like it. They are often constructed of wood, which can easily be stained a natural color. This adds a rustic look to a home’s exterior, fitting in well with many types of landscape design.

The fence can also be painted to complement the color scheme of the home’s exterior. A privacy fence in South Riding, VA, can be designed to add an aesthetic component to the yard, blending in with the landscape. It can provide an accent for a fountain or pond, or a backdrop for an herb garden.

These fences keep out views but they are built to let in light and to let air circulate. Though they provide privacy, they aren’t claustrophobic yet they enhance a yard, not cut it off.

Benefits of Privacy Fences

These fences provide a feeling of protection and seclusion so it is more fun to entertain and play in the yard. When people can see in, it makes people self-conscious and limits their enjoyment of the yard.

A privacy fence can also act as a noise barrier. Noise pollution is all too real in cities. Heavy traffic, loud music and everyday noises diminish the joy of using the outdoors. These fences, with their materials set close together, act as sound baffles that dampen the noise.

They can also provide protection from the elements. They are natural windbreaks, protecting trees, shrubs and flowers from the impact of the wind. They provide shade at certain times of the day during the summer, which is nice for people and pets.

Choose the Fence Professionals

Carter Fence, a family-owned business, has been designing and building fences in the community since 1986. They are fence experts when it comes to design, styles, materials and construction methods.

Carter Fence has a reputation for excellent customer service. Clients know they never have to worry about unwanted surprises. Everything is clear and clearly communicated about budgets, timetables and design.

Carter Fence handles a variety of outdoor projects, including:
• Privacy fences
• Aluminum fences
• Wood fences
• Chain link fences
• Split rail fences
• Estate and pasture fences
• Vinyl fences
• Picket fences
• Gates
• Awning installation
• Deck installation
• Deck resurfacing

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