What You Need to Know about Solid Board Fences in Arlington, VA

What You Need to Know about Solid Board Fences in Arlington, VA

You have been thinking about installing a solid board fence in Arlington, VA. It helps to arm yourself with the relevant information. Wooden walls are very attractive and blend in well with the landscape. You get to choose the style and design you want, depending on your budget and preferences.  

  • Why would you choose a Wooden Fence?

Wood fences give you privacy and keep out unwanted Intruders. You also get a way to keep in the pets and children from wandering out of the property. Wood has been in use for a long time, and continues to remain a popular fencing material. It is relatively inexpensive, and will last a long time, depending on how well you take care of it. Most importantly, you can customize it to your taste. You get a unique fence that will significantly increase the curb appeal of your property. 

  • How much can you expect to pay?

The price of your solid board fence in Arlington, VA, will depend on several factors. These include:-

  • Type and design of the fence
  • Type of wood 
  • Size of the fence
  • Area of coverage
  • Additional features such as post caps, latticework, gates, and locks  
  • Cost of labor 


  • DIY Versus Hiring a Professional

If you have the necessary experience, then you can install a solid board fence as a DIY Project. If you do not, consider hiring an expert. You will save on time and money. You will also benefit from their networks for the best material. Contracting companies will take care of all the necessary permits. They should also have insurance that will cover you in case it does not go as planned. 

  • How long can a wooden fence last

 Choose the right kind of material when constructing a wooden fence. You must also take good care of it by carrying out routine inspection and maintenance. If you do it well, you can enjoy up to 20 years of service.  

  • What kind of maintenance do you need to do?

Carry out a routine inspection of the fence at least once a year. You will also need to wash the fence to get rid of dirt and mildew. Other aspects of maintenance include painting, staining, and sealing. The contracting company will advise you appropriately, depending on the results of the inspection. You can also look for things such as warping, rotting, loose nails, and broken pieces, and then take the necessary action where you can.

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If you want to install a solid board fence in Arlington, VA, book an appointment today. We will take you through the crucial steps and answer any questions you may have. We source for the best material from our network of suppliers. We ensure that we carry out the work efficiently so that we complete it in the shortest time possible. Our expert team will answer any questions you have.  

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