Carter Fence Fencing Repairs Alexandria, VA

Fencing repairs in Alexandria, VA homes are often done by the homeowner. They may want to save money or just like having control of the project. If they know to stop at replacing the hardware on a gate or touching up the paint, this is normally fine. If they take on a project more involved than that, many of them become overwhelmed and have to call in a professional at a much higher cost.

At Carter Fence, we repair, install, and sell every style of fence. We take pride in providing what the customer needs and to increase the appearance and value of their home whenever possible with the right materials.

PVC Fencing – Polyvinyl chloride, or vinyl, is growing in popularity for use in many fences as well as decks and awnings. Customers request it because it resists sun, weather and mold damage better than wood or other available materials. That makes it especially useful in pool fences. Since it is also very resistant to impact damage, it takes an event like last year’s extreme weather dropping a tree onto the fence to harm it. Because of that, repairing a PVC fence usually means we remove and replace the damaged items.

Chain Link Fencing- This remains one of the most popular choices for backyard and security fences. The cost is minor compared to PVC and other materials, and the galvanized steel is almost completely resistant to the weather and UV effects. The design allows it to bend, absorbing the effects of a physical impact rather than break or shatter. Physical damage usually comes near the bottom of the fence because of mowers and other lawn care equipment. There is also the problem when the fence is damaged by vandals or during a break in of some type.

Bending the steel threads back in place is easy, but it is necessary to use a trained technician with the correct tools to straighten the steel correctly for the original appearance. For these types of fencing repairs in Alexandria, VA, we loosen the tension on the nearby panels, unweave the damaged steel strings, and weave in new ones. Then, we slowly raise the tension back again, adjusting the new threads to exactly fit.

Aluminum Fencing – This material is increasingly popular with garden and picket fences. It effectively resists the color fading effects of the sun and all but extreme weather. Regular damage includes scratches and scraped paint from edging tools and lawnmowers. Our technicians can usually repair these problems in a day or two, but replacing damaged slats or rails may require replacing the brackets and even drilling new holes to reattach to a corner or line post.

Wood Fencing – Many homeowners still prefer natural wood, despite the benefits of aluminum or PVC. There is a feel to wood that is unmatched and many people prefer it fences and other outdoor structures; especially when they entertain.  It is more vulnerable to sun and weather, but if caught soon by the homeowner, we can repair the effects caused by cracking and splitting. We carefully dry and seal the wood from future water damage and then use a UV resistant stain to protect it from the sun.

If you need fencing repairs for your Alexandria, VA home, contact a trained and experienced service. Carter Fence offers a free on-site inspection and estimate to help you make the best decision possible. If you call 703-255-0824 today ask for our special offer, we deduct $50 from your repair costs if they run over $795.

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