Metal Fence Repairs In Vienna, VA

Metal fences were built to last, and under normal conditions, you can expect a long, 30+ year life out of them.  Sometimes though, things happen, and you may find yourself in need of metal fence repairs in Vienna, VA.  We’ll go over some of the more common reasons below.

The Earth Moves

You don’t have to live on a fault line or suffer from frequent earthquakes to suffer damage from the movement of earth.  It happens more gradually, but it still happens.  Erosion can and will gradually reshape the land around you, and as it does, your fence may be damaged as a consequence.


Few things are more damaging than water.  Normally, metal fences stand up well to this element, but fast-moving water can cause even the sturdiest fence to move, shift, or get knocked down entirely.

Storm Damage

This is one of the most common reasons people wind up needing metal fence repairs in Vienna, VA.  A bad wind, rain, or snowstorm can easily bring down limbs, or even whole trees, and if one of those hits your fence, it’s going to take some damage.

In addition to the big three mentioned above, there are other reasons you may need metal fence repairs in Vienna, VA.  These include things like a gate that suddenly doesn’t swing open or closed freely, or won’t latch properly, sections of your fence that have started to rust, weaken or corrode, or it could be something as simple as human error (someone backs the car into a section of your fence, drives a tractor into it, etc.).

Whatever the ultimate cause, your fence is only effective if it’s in good working order.  If you’re trying to keep livestock contained, a downed section of fence will obviously present a big problem.  If you’ve installed the fence for security purposes, then having a damaged or downed section represents a gap in your security.

Whatever the cause of the damage, and whatever reason you installed the fence in the first place, we can help!  Our talented team has been proudly serving the area since 1986, and in that time, we’ve installed hundreds of fences of all types for our satisfied clients.

Of course installing and repairing fences is only part of what we do.  We can also design and build a new deck for you, refurbish your existing deck, restoring it to “like new” condition for a fraction of the cost of replacing it, or install a custom awning to help make your outdoor spaces more comfortable.  In fact, our exceptional, retractable SunSetter awnings can cool your outdoor spaces down by as much as twenty degrees!

Give us a call and experience the Carter difference for yourself.  You’ll be very glad you did.

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