Carter Fence Metal Fence Repairs Falls Church, VA

Chain-link and aluminum are two of the more popular fence materials we craft and install today. Our consultation team provides on-site inspections and free estimates for new fences and for Falls Church, VA, metal fence repairs to include everything from a side yard fence the neighbor knocked down with his car to a security fence vandalized at a job site.  

Chain-link fencing is still the most popular and cost-effective option for security and backyard fences. The galvanized steel pieces form a tough fence that resists weather and is not affected by the sun like many other materials. The steel sections flex, by design, against physical damage and even cutting the individual strands do not cause permanent damage.  

The only way to knock down a chain-link fence is to hit the line, and corner posts hard enough to bend them over or break them off the concrete used to hold them in place. The posts provide the support needed to stretch chain-link fencing taut. If a thief or vandal cut the strands, we make repairs on this Falls Church, VA metal fence by releasing the tension that holds the fence in place and removes the damaged strands. We can quickly weave new strands into the damaged section and then tighten the fence back to its usual appearance with no sign of the repairs.

More Northern Virginia residents are choosing aluminum now in place of wood for fences. It is much more weather resistant, and its finished appearance is very attractive to homeowners who want to increase the curb appeal of their home.

Aluminum can be shaped and cut to meet almost every customer need. After we apply a primer and paint, the final product can look to be a wooden, picket fence or exactly like a black, wrought-iron property fence. Because aluminum does not rust like its iron counterpart, it needs much less routine maintenance or repair. Another benefit is that aluminum is much cheaper than wrought-iron and even costs less than wood for types of fences.

Repairs to a Falls Church, VA metal fence usually do not need a lot of time or labor. Carter Fence repair teams can quickly remove broken or bent rails and slats, easily straighten minor damage and quickly replace ones with major damage. Most scratches can be buffed out and repainted with no or very little loss of appearance. If the posts are bent, we dig out and replace the posts and the concrete that secured them. For vandalism like tagging, technicians use paint thinner or sandblast to remove the spray paint without causing additional damage.  

For more than 30 years, Carter Fence constructed awnings and decks and installed fences for homes and businesses Northern Virginia, and we are proud to continue serving our neighbors today. We have earned a solid reputation for fair prices and reliability and see the results with every customer that returns to repair the fence we installed or replace it with a new one.

If your fence has damage from the winter weather, an accident, or from vandalism, call us here at Carter Fence at 703-255-0824. We can schedule a visit with a free estimate to let you know exactly how we can help you and your home or business.

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