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For over 30 years, Carter Fence installed fences, awnings, and decks for communities throughout Northern Virginia and continues to support them today. Customers return to us for new fences and to repair their old fences when the weather or something else happens to damage them. As a family-owned business, we have earned our reputation as a reliable contractor with fair prices and practices.

Two of the more popular materials we use and repair are aluminum and chain-link. We provide free consultations and estimates for Great Falls, VA, metal fence repairs to include everything from a vandalized 10-foot security fence to a picket fence that a neighbor crunched after turning too short while backing out of his driveway.

More Virginia residents are choosing aluminum in place of traditional wood fences. It lasts longer against the elements and when installed, is appealing to homeowners and has an excellent curb appeal to anyone driving or walking through the neighborhood.

Aluminum can be cut and shaped to almost any customer requirement. With the right primer and paint, it can appear to be wood or look exactly like a wrought-iron fence. Aluminum does not rust like iron, so it requires less maintenance and repairs than iron. After we install it, your fence can look just as new years later. Aluminum is cheaper than wrought-iron and also costs less than pressure-treated wood in some cases.

Repairs for these Great Falls, VA metal fences usually do not require an extensive amount of time. It is a fairly simple process for us to detach broken or bent slats and rails and replace them. Simple scratches can be sanded out and then repainted with no loss of appearance. If the fence posts are damaged, we dig out the concrete holding them in place and replace those as well. If the damage is spray-paint, our technicians can use paint thinner or sandblast it away without damaging the aluminum.  

For backyard and security fences, chain-link is still a very popular and cost-effective choice. Once the individual, steel strands are galvanized and assembled, it forms a tough, weather-resistant fence. It flexes against many types of physical damage and spray-painting it does little good.

The only real way to knock down a chain-link fence is to crumple or crush the corner and line posts. They provide stability needed to stretch the fencing taut. To make repairs on this metal fence in Great Falls, VA, we release the tension enough to remove the damaged strands and either repair or replace them and then restring them into the fence. Technicians then tighten the fencing down again with no outward appearance there was ever any damage.

If you have damage to your fence from the weather, a car crash, or vandalism, contact us here at Carter Fence. Call 703-255-0824 to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate on what we can do to return your home to its original condition.

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