Estate Fence Repair in Mclean, VA

Carrying out regular inspections and repair work on your fence ensures that you get to enjoy excellent service from your fence for many years. Depending on the kind of fence you have, there are some common problems you may have to contend with. Such can include rotting, warping, pest damage, staining, and discoloration. Our article will explore why you may need estate fence repair in McLean, VA, in a little more detail. 

Estate Fence Repair in Mclean, VA

Investing in a high-quality fence is essential so that you can use it for years without the need to replace it. Therefore, you need to carry out repair work when you need to. Since they are outdoors, the weather can impact them differently. You may have to contend with the following:

  • Rotting, rusting or warping due to moisture from rain or the freezing and thawing of snow. 
  • Leaning fences that may result from earth movement or incorrect installation. The hard impact of objects due to strong winds or falling objects may also affect the fence. 
  • Mildew or pest damage 
  • Staining due to exposure to elements, dirt or moss, mildew or algae infestation
  • Fallen boards or panels due to strong wind or weak posts. 

At Carter Fence, we have over 33 years’ experience and have undertaken repairs of such issues. 

What we Advise our Clients 

Your estate fence repair in Mclean, VA, will depend on the following:

  • You need to conduct regular fence inspections so that you can arrest any issue early. 
  • You can save money by undertaking some of the repairs on your own. Loose screws or nails are easy to tighten or hammer back into position, and do not need a professional to do it. 
  • One critical maintenance aspect is the washing of the fence. You can remove dirt and counter some of the damage such as staining. 
  • Consulting a professional company to install your fence can help you avoid issues in the future. The experts take into consideration factors like soil type and landscape when installing the fence. Improper installation is one of the primary reasons why your fence may start to sag or eventually fall.
  • Choosing the right material, dependent on where you live, is also essential. If you live in very moist areas, for example, you may be better off getting a vinyl fence instead of wood. The former is easy to maintain, and a simple wash will have the fence looking attractive for a long time.

You Need to Work with Carter Fence Experts

You can get to avoid so many issues with your fence by letting the experts handle the installation, maintenance, and repair work for you.  

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