Estate Fence Repair in Reston, VA

Your fence may take quite a bit of beating from weather elements. During winter, it may have to deal with freezing and thawing due to the snow. In the rainy season, the moisture levels may lead to rotting or rusting. The ground may also shift, resulting in sagging. You might also be forced to bear with the normal wear and tear that comes with continued usage of the fence. Therefore, you can end up in need of estate fence repair in Reston, VA. Hence, this is what you need to know. 

 What You Need to Know about Estate Fence Repair in Reston, VA

Fences provide a lot of value to your property and keep you, your family, and property safe. The right fence will undoubtedly improve the value of your property while contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal. It would be best to take good care of it to prevent possible damage that could require a whole replacement. At Carter Fence, we have been in the business for over 33 years. We understand that you desire long-term durability and use from your fence. So, this is what you should keep in mind. 

  • Inspecting the Fence

You must check your fence regularly to look for signs of damage. You can easily handle part of the repair work with a simple tool kit. Some of the most significant problems may require that you call in the professionals such as those you find at Carter Fence for a more thorough job. 

If you notice signs of rotting, for example, it is advisable that you do not carry out the repairs locally. Rotting is a leading cause of fence damage that contributes to other issues such as surging, breaking, or even lose boards. Mildew and rust can also cause severe problems if you do not take care of them immediately.

  • Fence Repair and Maintenance

Some of the maintenance work includes washing the fence occasionally. You can use a power washer to dislodge dirt, mold, algae, or moss. Take the necessary precautions when using the power washer because you may cause more damage than good. If you direct blasts of water in one location, you may remove the top layer that protects the wood underneath.

Take advantage of the warranty that you get from professional installation companies such as Carter Fence to handle some maintenance work for you.

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It is essential to allow experts to take some of the major repair works. The entire fence support system, for example, maintains the structural integrity for the whole fence. If there is any rotting or splintering, you may need to replace the posts. 

Allow our team to inspect your fence and give you the best, most cost-effective way of dealing with the estate fence repair in Reston, VA. You can start the process of your fence installation, maintenance, or repairs immediately by filling in the form below. 

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