Estate Fence Repair in Sterling, VA

Proper fencing will enable you to enjoy security and privacy in your home for many years. Estate fence is one remarkable way to help keep people safe, create boundaries, and keep livestock and animals safe.

However, you can’t always safeguard your fence from requiring repairs at some point. One primary reason why you might need estate fence repair in your Sterling, VA property is due to weather-related problems. Some of the extreme weather conditions that may damage your fence include:

  • Snowstorms
  • Heavy rainfall
  • Salt air
  • Harsh winds

All the above conditions can cause parts of the fence to break wholly. 

Furthermore, if your fence is experiencing wet or dry rot, the affected area needs to be cut out completely. It should then be patched or replaced with new lumber to prevent the spread of the rot.

Other common issues concerning your estate fence repair in Sterling, VA, which you need to deal with if you come by, include:

  • Rotten pickets need a whole replacement. The repair is dependent on the extent of damage. 
  • A sagging fence needs hinge replacement, especially if it’s near the gate. The gate could be too heavy for the hinges you currently have. 
  • Loose rails usually require tightening the screws using teeth braces, metal, and wood. 
  • Rusted or popped nails sticking out of the fence need a replacement to prevent them from causing injuries or tearing your clothes.

Regardless of why your fence needs some repairs, timely repair and maintenance are very significant to uphold your fence’s integrity as a whole. If you don’t repair the fence quickly, then this might cause other problems such as:

  • Rotting
  • Damping
  • Decaying

This is when you might find that your entire fence needs to be replaced, and it will cost you extra money, which you could initially avoid. Only a simple repair could solve the underlying issue. Otherwise, taking good care of your fence will help increase its long lifespan. It will also enhance the protective and aesthetic values of the fence. Indeed, your fence can be a great investment if you maintain and repair it appropriately when needed.

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