How You Can Benefit from a Fence Gate Latch Repair in Ashburn, VA

Does your gate appear to close, but it can’t stay shut, and you probably wonder where the problem might be? The issue could be a worn-out or rusty latch. It’s crucial to inspect the latch for any indication of corrosion or other damages. Such signs indicate that you need a fence gate latch repair in your Ashburn, VA home. 

Sometimes you may try to oil and tighten the mounting screws. But, it helps to have professionals like the Carter Fence experts check your gate and guarantee that you’ll enjoy the safety in your property for the years ahead.

The truth is that over time and due to the frequent opening and closing of your gate, the nailed points or screwed joints can start to loosen. This is likely to cause the sagging of the gate, or the gate may end up leaning to one side and away from the weakening joint. 

But, when you have a professional fence gate latch repair in your Ashburn, VA home, it will have a quality furniture joint consisting of a tight lap joint. This can last you many years ahead. Even if you open and close the gate many times in a day, the lap joints can still remain tightly fixed. 

How Does a Gate Latch Works?

Usually, whenever you depress your thumb, a latch-arm on the inner side of the gate lifts and allows the gate to open. When you close the gate, the latch-arm strikes and then rises up and falls into the gravity latch. You can have the thumb latch installed on in-swinging gates. Such types are often double-sided.

Above all, when you call in the professionals for a repair, ensure you choose a latch made from a suitable material. It should be one that’ll resist the type of usage you intend to give it. If you open and close the gate constantly, ensure you choose a solid and durable material. It’s also essential that you have your gate repaired with a gate stop. 

A gate stop helps in preventing your swing gates from opening and closing too far. Some of the gates latches that we can install have a gate stop built-in. This means that it would be physically challenging to overstretch the closing of the gate without breaking the latch post or latch gate upright. One example can be an ordinary gravity latch, where the striker overlaps past the latch post. However, some don’t overlap.  So, if the gate overstretches, any further strain might cause damages on the gate hinges and closer, or even the gate itself. The damage can even extend to the fence.

Talk to Carter Fence for Excellent Fence Gate Latch Repair in Ashburn, VA

At Carter Fence, we offer the highest quality gate latches. You can call us in for a repair, even if we did not install the gate initially. Some of the materials you can choose from include: 

  • Chain Link Gate Latches
  • Ornamental Metal Gate Latches
  • Vinyl Gate Latches
  • Wooden Gate Latches

We are proud to give our customers the best service. You can choose gate latches and gate locks for either the swinging or sliding fence gates.

For over 35 years now, we’ve been installing and repairing fences in the Northern Virginia areas. Our clients love the work we do for them because we use the finest materials and the most advanced design techniques.

We believe in going the extra mile to give our clients the best fencing services to last them the years ahead. Start the process of your fence gate latch repair by contacting us via our website. Ensure you leave your details in the form available on our website so that we can get back to you.

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